Evolution is not unfamiliar to the Cannata brand. Since 1910, four generations of the Cannata family have supplied, manufactured and installed the best quality natural, engineered stone and porcelain products.

Backed by more than a century of adaptation and innovation, Claudia King and Italo Cannata Jr. (great granddaughter and great grandson of founder Liborio Cannata) have collaborated with Aimee Wolfaardt of Haardt Design Studio to bring you The Dialogue Room.

Answering the call for an exploratory space in which designers, architects, creatives and their clients can cross-pollinate and create, The Dialogue Room is a sensory and interactive space that eschews the typical showroom model. The trio envisages this as fertile ground for discussion and discovery, a fluid environment that’s as dynamic as the Cannata brand.

Beyond Cannata’s expertly conceptualised floors, walls and countertops in marble, granite and stone, Cannata and Haardt aim to showcase local talent. In collaboration with other formiddable creatives, they’ll offer clients a glimpse into the extent of Cannata’s capabalities by way of new collections of furniture and decorative stone products. The idea here is to team up with established or emerging designers every quarter to launch exciting new collections.

For its inaugural launch, The Dialogue Room is partnering with Cape Town based architectural and interior design brand Studio AN. Conceptualised around a table of stone samples and jelly sweets, MORPH was born from the unlikely correlation drawn between these two items. The collection of marble and terrazzo pieces takes its name from the process of transformation from one form to another, and from an ability to meet desired requirements. MORPH is rooted in transition and growth, principles that mirror Cannata’s.



Always at the forefront of the latest lighting must-haves, this leading lighting design and supply showroom presents several new additions from some of the world’s leading lighting brands, to their already kaleidoscopic lighting offering.

Within their seasonally updated showroom on Cape Town’s Bree Street you will find brand new designs by British designer Paul Smith for Anglepoise as well as the latest outdoor lights from Astro. Further exciting editions are thanks to Nordlux and tossB whilst Newport Lighting’s own designs have recently made a come-back in fashionable new colours.



The continent’s premier décor and design show is now in its fourth year now. May 2020 will see the fourth installment with Tonic designers Greg Gamble and Philippe van der Merwe as second time creative directors. Visitors can expect many changes to the layout of the show as well as a brand new lineup of some of SA’s most exciting designers creating the show’s CoLab roomsets that remain the heart of the show. Design Joburg presents inspiring displays arranged as room sets with the best brands and best personalities in the industry.




KARE brings an unapologetic style to the local décor and furniture market. KARE is renowned for their range of furniture, lighting and accessories with their own distinct bold flavour. Tastes vary from one individual to the next, and that’s where KARE is victorious.

KARE’s collections are broad and varied in style and all of it statement-making and non-conformist so the showroom reflects this. A showroom visit is always a treat with the unexpected around every corner.




‘(re)stitched landscape’ is the third installment from artist and rug designer Julia Swanepoel Pepler for Gonsenhausers that continues on the theme of aerial photography.

Pepler’s source material for (re)stitched landscape has been collected over many years, ranging from her own aerial photography to satellite imagery, maps and Googled aerial landscape and city imagery.

Whilst much of this source material is in black and white, Pepler’s choice of colour is influenced by the positive force colour plays in her own life. Rather than consciously being driven by trends, Pepler’s use of colour combinations are motivated by what excites her. For this collection expect balanced harmonious tones juxtaposed with unexpected combinations, all in contrast to the subjects natural colours in nature.